Magnum Pathfinder 500W

Work hard, play hard. The Magnum Pathfinder is a versatile e-bike which can be used for commuting, recreation, exercise and more. The unisex step-through frame is well-suited for riders across a broad range of height and physical ability. $ 1,999.00



  • The 20″ x 3” fat tire wheels are designed for performance and comfortability when riding over most terrain.
  • The fully-integrated 48v / 12.5ah / 500wh battery blends in smoothly with the frame for a sleek look, and provides for a 22 – 30 mile range depending on a number of variables like rider weight, cargo weight, terrain, wind direction, and pedal assist level.
  • Integrated powerful front headlight and rear light (with rear light activated by braking).